New Items and Categories

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Happy June!

The following new categories have been added to our website:

*Exam Room Supplies


*Phake-i® Surgical Practice Eye

The following new items have been added:

*Press On Prisms

*VU-Filterz® Occlusion Foils

*Worthmore® II Four Dot Test

*Magnetic Prism Block Set, 22 Prisms in a case, with two sticks

*Double-Ended FixiStix® Fixation Stick

*”Dottie” Red-Blue Convergence Cards


*ABCD School Bus Retinoscopy Rack

*Lorgnette Pinhole Occluder

*Exam Room Bottle Organizer

*Chin Rest Paper

*Roller-Shadz®, coiled post-dilation glasses

*Mydriatic Post-Dilation Slip-Ins

*Phake-i® Surgical Training System

*Phake-i® Standard Practice Eyes

Let us know if there is something that you are looking for that we don’t have. We will try our best to add it to our item offerings.

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