High Quality with Good Tolerance

The ORTOPADĀ® eye patches are made from a soft, air-permeable bamboo material with a special light protection inlay and a highly compatible “hotmelt” adhesive. They are latex-free and contain no preservatives, which means they can be used on a daily basis even with sensitive skin.

All ORTOPADĀ® eye patches are developed with the participation of children. Different designs with large and small elements or simple white and beige colored patches offer a wide variety. Three sizes (Junior, Medium and Regular) guarantee an optimal fit for every age group. Each box or pack of patches include application instructions.

Why Bamboo Is Used For The Material

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of bamboo knows that the plant has an incredible number of advantages, especially from an ecological point of view. It is one of the fastest growing and renewable raw materials in the world. Unlike when a tree is cut down, the bamboo plant remains after its stalks have been harvested because the roots simply sprout over and over. These roots also prevent erosion of the fertile soil that humans and animals need to live. Bamboo also naturally contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo absorbs a large amount of CO2 and of course produces a lot of oxygen.

Hotmelt Adhesive

ORTOPADĀ® eye patches belong to the group of MASTER-AIDĀ® eye products, which are characterized by the excellent quality of all materials used. The unique hotmelt adhesive was specially designed for MASTER-AIDĀ® products.

Hotmelt adhesive is temperature-sensitive and pressure-sensitive. It is activated with light pressure, and body heat ensures that the adhesive stays in place without tugging or pinching. This adhesive can be removed painlessly without leaving any residue. Hotmelt adhesive is hypoallergenic, solvent-free, and contains no rubber or resins.

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